To Monster-Inlaws

Dear Monster-Inlaws,

I want to start with the fact that this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you. I tried hard to get along with you. Some people just weren’t meant to click. I do not hate you, but that doesn’t mean I like you. I tried to be your friend. You wouldn’t let me. I tried to help you, but you didn’t want to help yourself first. You came and went, but only came when you needed something. I gave you all I had and that was a mistake. You took with no intent of ever giving back. It was a waste. I was ok when you treated me badly, but I was livid when I saw how bad you treated your own kid. Did you not feel love? Was that the problem? If so then I am truly sorry, because you are missing out on the greatest thing life has to offer.

Did you know how your actions hurt and affected those around you? Well if not then let me tell you.You took a small person and belittled them.You made them smaller. You took everything they had to offer and threw it away, and got mad when they had nothing left to give. You left them broken and with a sour view of ever helping anyone else. Their trust was diminished. How could they ever be able to recoup from such a low blow. They blamed themselves at first, until they saw you hurting others the same way. You had them on a marry go round. Doing the same things over and over expecting different outcomes. You would say you were better and then go right back to how you were before. Never wanting to accept that you were responsible for every single thing that happened to you. Your choices were exactly that, YOUR CHOICES. No one else could make them for you. No one else had that power. No one told you what to do or tried to control you. No one belittled you the way you belittled others. No one took from you, because you always took from them. You spent your days making new schemes, instead of actually trying ¬†to help yourself. You wanted people to fight a fight that wasn’t theirs. You were angry when no one had anything nice left to say, because you were blind to your own actions. You pointed fingers forgetting all the ones that were pointing right back at you.

I thought for the longest time that I was the problem. You after all led me to believe that I wasn’t doing enough to help you. You made me the bad guy, and that’s ok. You needed someone to blame so why not me, because now I know better. Now I am better. None of this had anything to do with me and everything to do with your own problems. I had a good heart and you took advantage. I cut you from my life because I deserve better. Your child deserves better than anything you have to offer. The truth hurts but it’s time you heard. I pray to God that I can offer more for my child than all the pain you gave your kids.

YOU were absent. YOU were small. YOU were spiteful. YOU ¬†pointed fingers instead of accepting YOUR consequences. YOU were a beggar. YOU were a liar. YOU were a cheat. YOU threw shame. YOU were jealous. YOU were the best teacher I have ever had. I learned not to give out chance after chance. Some people don’t even deserve a second one.I learned that you can’t change anyone but yourself. I learned that I will never be good enough for you, and that’s your problem not mine. I learned above all that people’s actions bring equal consequences into their life. I learned that I don’t have to be sad that our family will never be the picture perfect family.

I want to end with the fact that we no longer have a relationship, and right now I don’t want one with you again. This has everything to do with you, and nothing to do with me.


The One Who Sees Your True Colors