The Conservatarian Manifesto- Charles C. W. Cooke

Date Read: February 15th-February 18th

Rating:5/5 stars

Release  Date: Late February 2016

Disclaimer: I was sent this book in exchange for a review with my honest opinion!

I had so many high expectations for this book, and it did not fail me. This book was sort of a refresher for me. I highly reccomend this book to EVERYONE!! No matter what side of the political scale you lean on, this book has many points that I believe everyone can relate to and agree with. It’s an unbiased book about how the United States can get back to the core of what we were when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution. The only aspect of this book that bothered me in the least bit, was the fact that at some points throughout I felt like it was a slow read and then it would pick right back up again.

I absolutely love the aspects in this book such as smaller government, returning power to the states, how the media has become more liberal, and Charles C. W. Cooke’s aspect on our current education system.┬áThe book goes on to mention Guns with information that not every American knows. (Including myself) I did not know that 2/3 of fatal gun wounds are self inflicted.

Everyone can read this book and take something away from it, that this country is not in the same place it was 200 years ago. That this country is in need of someone who understand the basis of what the founding fathers wanted and doesn’t try and change it.