Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses- Jenny Hale

Date Read- 9/27/15-9/29/15


Rating:5/5 stars

Disclaimer: received an early copy of this book from netgalley for an honest review!

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses is about a young single mom who has an ordinary life until the elderly lady she takes care of recommends her to do a decorating job for her grandson. Her life is changed after she accepts this job. The author captivates you with the winter and Christmas setting. If any book is gonna get you out of a reading slump it will be this one. It reminds you that life doesnt always have to be so serious and that the most important part is that you do what you love and surround yourself with those you love. This book was magnificent!! I enjoyed every last bit of this book! First let me just say that I am a huge sucker for Christmas/winter settings. So I obviously loved that detail.  I loved that the main character Abbey is a single mom. All the characters in this book were well written and you become very attached to them as they develop. This is a book everyone should read during the colder seasons cause it has a way of keeping you warm and filled with love on the inside. I will try my best to buy a copy on the release day, and as should you cause its the best book I have read in months!!


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