The Little Paris Bookshop Review

I gave this book 3/5 stars because I personally could not get into the story. I expected more than what I got and it was a bit of a let down. I wanted more aspects of the bookshop and less romance. A lot of the romance seemed forced. I felt as though all the characters were in the midst of a midlife crisis. I enjoyed this book because it kept me occupied but I dont see myself picking it for a second read. I really don’t see myself telling my friends about this book either. Overall I enjoyed the book but I did not completely love it.
Disclaimer: I got this book for free for review


Isabelle Day Refuses To Die Of A Broken Heart

Date Read 9/21/15-9/21/15

Disclaimer: received this book for review!

I love middle grade books that also involve serious topics in a light hearted way! I believe Jane St. Anthony accomplished this and more!! This book was so cute and at times sad. I think it would be great for any pre-teen/teen who needs a laugh or is going through family issues. I give this book a full 5/5 stars!! The story line and characters were so loveable, and that made the read even better!! isabelle day

Red Rising by Pierce Brown- Review!!!

Date read 9/11/15 – 9/21/15

This is a very well written book!!! I would more than likely give it 3.5 stars though if I could. I felt as though some aspects of this book had already been used in other dystopian books. I felt a lot of this book related to The Hunger Games trilogy. I hope in the next additions to this series that it drops that problem. However this book would be a good read for anyone who enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy. It had characters that you could become attached to and some that you would hate.
Some of the things I enjoyed about this book the most are
-Color separation
-Takes place on Mars
-The cover of the book
-Cassius(at first)
-Putting Golds through the Institute

Some of the things I did NOT like
-Some of the extreme detail seemed pointless
-Most of the Golds
-Chapter titles
-Plot twist with Mustang
-Book flowed slowly for me

New Journey….sort of!!!

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